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    We operate a dedicated and experienced team who specialise in providing quality machinery. Our hoists are delivered and installed in accordance with your project specification. We have an extensive range of material, passenger and goods hoists including; rack and pinion hoists, combi lifts, scaffold lifts, scaffold hoists.

    Passenger Hoists can be used to lift or lower both materials and passengers within the cage. They are tied to the building structure and have mechanical and electrical interlocked gates. Passenger hoists require a 415V three phase power supply, and range from 1000kg to 2000kg lifting capacity.

    Gantry Hoists are fixed to a runway beam suspended off scaffolding, or fitted to an A frame allowing vertical lifting and horizontal positioning of materials and goods. Gantry hoists are ideally suited to sites with scaffold gantries, but are also useful for lowering materials on to lower level. A gantry hoist requires an 110V single phase or 415V three phase power supply dependant on the hoist type and capacity, and range from 300kg to 2000kg lifting capacity.

    Scaffold Hoists are fixed to a swinging arm to allow winching of materials from ground level on to scaffolding. A scaffold hoist requires a single phase 110V power supply and are capable of lifting upwards of 200kg.

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