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    If you’re working on a project that will require you to move a satellite dish or aerial, this does not mean that residents should lose aerial reception during the entire longevity of a construction or maintenance project. Scaffolding erections and construction work can lead to a loss of signal; however, aerials and satellites can be temporarily relocated to solve this problem.

    At Suttie Site Services, we have gained considerable experience in satellite relocation, so we can ensure that satellites maintain their signal throughout works. Our experts use extension cables to relocate a satellite dish or aerial to scaffolding or another point on the building. Of course, as well as working to prevent signal disruption, in the case of exterior refurbishment projects, dishes or aerials will often need to be temporarily moved to prevent any harm from coming to them, which could in turn lead to future signal issues.

    We will liaise with your site team to plan all satellite and aerial moves ensuring minimum disruption to residents. We will be on hand to reposition the dishes back onto the wall in their original location once building works are complete and scaffolding dismantling commences.

    Certified and Experienced Installers

    We are a member of the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI), establishing us as fully comprehensive providers of satellite dish removal and relocation services.

    It’s highly recommended that any satellite work is carried out by trained technicians, so whether you require the relocation of a single aerial, or multiple satellite dishes, call Suttie Site Services today on 0844 241 5300.

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