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    The benefits of using an access control system include the prevention of loss or damage to site assets and the reduced risk of personal injury to staff and visitors. Our systems can also be used for time and attendance. Access control systems range from controlling a single entrance door to managing a large complex site. Contact us for further information about our access control systems and our team will offer a system to suit your needs.

    From the control of a single internal door through to a fully computerised, multi-site network of control points we can design, plan and install a solution to fit any site.

    Proximity Card access provides a safe and efficient controlled access system that can be installed alongside any one of our security offerings.

    Biometrics in a security application is the term used to describe a system which uses a person's features to allow or deny access. These can be one of the following or a combination of the following: Facial Recognition, Retina eye scan, Finger Print, Palm Print Voice recognition. All of these have unique features which the systems record and recognise. If you do not match the door stays locked!

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